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"We used Jonathan Flaks in a wide range of capacities at Kohl Construction Group. Flaks started as my own personal Executive Leadership Coach to supplement my prior training and elevate my mind-set ... to a ‘presidential’ CEO. He ran empowering team- building programs and an upper management retreat that elevated our teams’ out-of-the-box innovation and high-performance teamwork. Importantly, he facilitated some conversations between me and my brother, with whom I have a long standing partnership, and he impressed us tremendously with his ability to take us from ‘good to great’ in our communication and collaboration with each other. We believe his work had a very positive impact on our company’s culture. As our coach, Jonathan Flaks was a huge asset."
Jonathan Litt, CEO - Kohl Construction Group

"Every deal runs through a series of highs and lows. When one of my transactions was getting derailed, Jonathan was able to help me reframe the issues and develop a clear understanding of what was going on. As a result, I was able to create a new approach that moved us forward. In addition, the insights developed led me to re-engage in some of my other work with a new spirit of energy and fun that led to a week of results that was the equivalent of a good month’s worth of work."
Victor G. Dannett, Managing Director - HT Capital Advisors LLC

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