Sharon Parker

The Team at JFCA

Sharon Parker, P.C.C., M.S.

  • Recognized M&A expert in global acquisitions and post-merger integration
  • Experienced executive coach for C-suite leaders in transition
  • 20 + years experience as a successful consultant in strategic organizational change and business transformation
  • Credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach by International Coach Federation
  • Certified in multiple leadership assessment methods
  • Graduate school adjunct faculty at Suffolk University, TWU, Dallas
  • Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior

Sharon Parker brings a wealth of experience with over twenty years of consulting in global companies with multi-line businesses in various industries. She has been coaching executives for ten years in the corporate environment. Her coaching assignments include working with C-suite clients to enhance their business performance and improve the ability to deal with complex issues. A key competency is working with executives to drive necessary organizational change, guiding leaders to adapt to change, and aligning senior leadership teams, especially in the M&A environment.

Clients have come from large, global companies in the following industries including Agriculture/Biotech, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Consulting & Services, Distribution / Wholesale, Energy, Financial, Higher Education, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Petroleum, Publishing, Retail, Transportation, Travel & Entertainment

Sharon recently authored “Achieving Deal Value through Human Capital Management” in TC World International Information Management and has had other articles published in ExecuNet Leadership Series, Handbook of Business Strategy, Business Communications Review, and InformationWeek.

Although Sharon has lived in several states during her career, she has been living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for the past two decades. She enjoys volunteering for Special Olympics and Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange, participating in church activities and loves playing golf, golf, and more golf!


Executive Coaching:   "Our Executive Coach is a remarkable resource that we can depend on to coach our most valuable executive assets. Her contributions helped lift the overall performance of my senior leaders!" – General Manager, Global Financial Services

Leader Assessments:  "Assessments of our key acquired leaders offered significant insight motivators, drivers and leadership style against our heritage culture."  — VP, Product Development

"It was good to identify my strengths and areas for improvement. This process was a great catalyst for discussion of future possibilities of a career within the new company."  — Acquired CEO, Financial Services

Culture & Climate Assessments: "I think it is great that our new parent company wants to understand our organizational culture, business practices, and employee climate. This gives me assurance that the parent company is focused on the human aspects of the acquisition."  — Acquired CEO, Web Services

Leadership Alignment Sessions: "We now understand the key business reasons behind the acquisition and have an appreciation of how our company can help achieve the business case."  — Acquired CEO, Manufacturing

"This was a tremendous impact to help us move forward much faster. We will need to change the culture more rapidly which will give us a great chance for success with this acquisition."  — VP, Marketing

Organizational Risk Assessment:  "It made a huge difference in understanding all the organizational risks and helped us with our planning and management of the deal, especially in organizational design and retention planning."  — VP, Business Development

Due Diligence: "Due diligence in this area was enormously important so we could understand the organizational 'stuff' that was underlying the culture. Having another set of trained eyes and ears was an enormous benefit and very helpful."  — Director, HR Business Development