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Peak Performance Executive Leadership

Your competitive advantage for breakthrough growth, award-winning culture and operational performance.

Business success depends on human performance.  We provide a specialized transformational process for substantial breakthroughs in performance, which cause revenues and profits to rise rapidly.  

Which of the following needs are relevant to you or someone you know?

  • To become more adept with conflict management, team dynamics and interpersonal relations.
  • To excel during an important hiring period and/or firing situation.
  • To develop leaders instead of just managing activity and putting out fires.
  • To facilitate, accelerate and reinforce a succession or transition in management.
  • To inspire innovation and foster better communication in dealing with trends, market changes, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
  • To respond more collaboratively to criticism or challenging questions.
  • To be more consistently poised, "presidential" and confident.

Based on a Price Waterhouse Coopers study of over 2000 coaching clients, the median ROI from coaching exceeded 700%, and many clients enjoyed DOUBLE DIGIT ROI.

“ Jonathan Flaks started as my own personal Executive Leadership Coach to supplement my prior training and elevate my mindset to be a more effective, "presidential" CEO. He ran empowering team building programs and an upper management retreat that elevated our out-of-the-box innovation and high-performance teamwork. Importantly, he facilitated some conversations between me and my brother, with whom I have a long standing partnership, and he impressed us tremendously with his ability to take us from ‘good to great’ in our communication and collaboration with each other... As our coach, Jonathan Flaks was a huge asset.”

Jonathan Litt – President, CEO of Kohl Construction Group

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Our executive leadership coaches bring you world-class professionalism, diverse industry experience and a track record of results.  

Clients experience:

Clarity – a fresh perspective and useful advice right out of the gate.

Confidentially to work through issues you can’t discuss with anyone else.

Honest, unbiased feedback from an intelligent and comforting professional.

Confidence to think differently – yielding performance breakthroughs quickly.

Timely insights on conflict resolution, interpersonal relations and teamwork for a “productive fun” culture that profitably enhances revenue, recruiting and retention

What clients say about Executive Leadership Coaching with JFCA:

“Every deal runs through a series of highs and lows. When one of my transactions was getting derailed, Jonathan was able to help me reframe the issues and develop a clear understanding of what was going on. As a result, I was able to create a new approach that moved us forward. In addition, the insights developed led me to re-engage in some of my other work with a new spirit of energy and fun that led to a week of results that was the equivalent of a good month’s worth of work.”

Victor G. Danett, Managing Director - HT Capital Advisors, LLC

We have seen double digit improvements on [many stats], and created a huge boost in morale. He’s been a great coach - very easy to talk to and always ready with feedback and tools to improve and grow. Thanks

Arnie Norse - Dean Foods

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Effective leadership and business development performance is industry agnostic and imperative in any field.

A list of professions we have served:

  • Financial Services / Investment Banking / Private Equity
  • Healthcare / Medical offices / Hospitals / Health Insurance
  • Legal Services 
  • Consulting / Coaching / Training
  • Consumer Brands / Mass Retail / Niche Markets
  • Public Relations / Marketing / Corporate Communications 
  • New Media / Media Production / Graphic Design 
  • Entertainment / Recreation 
  • Renewable Energy / Clean Technology
  • Non-Profit / United Nations / Public Affairs 
  • Education / Education Market Consulting
  • Architecture / Development / Construction 
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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