Speaker and Facilitator

Why would you want the speaker or facilitator for your next motivational or training event to be a seasoned coach? Because coaches create champions of motivation, interaction and performance - and we're a whole lot of fun!

My most popular topics are about:

Personal Productivity,

Leadership Success,

High Performance Teamwork

"People are infinitely creative and resourceful. Sometimes we just need additional insights, reminders or new skills to reach full potential for achieving ambitious goals. Let's explore some exciting solutions for leadership, motivation, energized teamwork for outstanding results.

Live-coaching are a model for training and motivational programs that engage every audience member with interactive exercises, real world examples and thought-provoking stories delivered with unparalleled enthusiasm. The results - deeper learning and empowerment that lasts.


Workshops are customized to fit your specific needs, timing and budget.

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“Thank you for your wonderful session. You made the time warm and meaningful. We all thought it was brilliant and some of the experiences found their way into changes we made as a result of the retreat. We are deeply appreciative. Warmest Regards," Alexandra “Sasha” Chalif - Women Presidents Organization